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International Hides & Skins is a global company based in Canada with operations in Latin America and supplying all major leather markets.

We are the first choice of tanners and leather goods manufacturers seeking a full range of hides or skins in various grades of selection either raw or semi processed for their particular leather productions.

Our primary operation consist of collecting green hides from a wide network of slaughterhouses for further processing in our strategically located warehouses. Upon arrival to our warehouse, hides are cured according to international standards and prepared for export.

The procurement and research department of the company employs experts with the outmost experience in the leather industry.

We speak the language, understand the culture and have the know-how to assure a smooth operation. Our team is on the field in all the stage of the export procedures to supervise the strict conditions established by the technical division.

We deliver a professional service with personalized customer care and follow-ups to guarantee a complete satisfaction.

Thank you for your business and your trust!